Evidence of Evolution: 6 Years in the Blog Game

What started as a way to merely showcase my photography and show off my travels has evolved over the years.  I used to be all about shooting landscapes, sports, and sunsets (which will always inspire me), but I’ve transitioned to shooting people a lot more.  Taking portraits is HARD…and I’ve learned that a big part of that is how I, as a photographer, make someone FEEL when they have a big old camera in their face.  How do I put them at ease when their natural tendency is to tense-up and try to look perfect? I don’t interact with mountains and ridge lines in that manner….so it’s a whole new challenge, and a worthy one at that.  Exterior beauty and enticing aesthetics will always be fun to shoot, but how can I capture what’s on the inside?  How can I draw out inner beauty?  How can I help my subject see themselves in a way that bolsters their self-esteem?  When they see a photo of themselves, I want them to think, “Wow…that’s me??  I like the way I look, but I love the way I felt in that moment.”

What’s even more of challenge is combining all those elements into one frame: capturing both the power of a landscape while showcasing someone’s individuality & personality simultaneously.  The other day I had a chance to try just that…and holy shit was it a blast.  Rolled out to the Bonneville Salt Flats with two new friends who happen to not only be beautiful blondes on the outside but even prettier people on the inside.  I love everything about these photos; the light, the setting, the ridiculousness of all the posing and outfit changes, the fact that yoga is now a preferred outdoor activity, and the way shooting these lovely ladies made me feel.  Additionally, they snapped a few shots that helped me view myself in a whole new light.  I’m bashful in front of a camera and have a critical eye, so I feel like I rarely see shots of myself that I love….much less doing a freaking yoga pose.  But when I saw myself, I liked not only how my exterior body looked, but also what it reflected about how I felt on the inside.  I feel very aligned in my life right now, and that comes through in these photos.  I have a hunch that when my friends saw the pics of themselves, they felt the same way.

People are beautiful…just as they are.  I want to focus on that; pun intended.

oh…and less is still more.

Photo Shoot Base Camp

Ashley struttin’ on the salt

this is what happens when put a cheerleader and figure skater together

grace and strength

Danni doin’ her thing

my fav new shorts and fav new pose


D gets deep into her bend

for a split-second I look like I know what I’m doing

outfit change!!


there they go again

warrior b ftw

pretty little posers

you know I got in on that action

Danni turns the world upside down

doin’ the yoga. Never thought I’d be here. Gonna keep this evolving thing going.



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