My 4runner was stolen out of my driveway about a month ago.  My driveway; my home….my safe haven.  I tried to let it roll off my back and was surprisingly unemotional about it.  I decided that I would take a step forward by buying the Sportsmobile; not only replacing the 4runner but doing so in a manner that says, “you can’t keep me down.”  I loved that 4Runner.  It was the only new vehicle I’ve ever bought.  Sure, it was just a car, but to me it was a huge symbol of my independence and represented freedom and adventure.  I took extremely good care of it, and told myself that I would have it forever.  It’s all about having what you want, and wanting what you already have….and that car really nailed that saying for me.

Yesterday I got a call from the cops.  The car had been recovered and towed to a lot.  It was undrivable.   So I went down to check it out and see if I could recover anything from it.  On my way there, I felt like I was going to the vet to put my dog to sleep or something.  Such a weird feeling to have over an inanimate object.  Sure enough, it was in bad shape.  Stripped and broken.  A far cry from the glamorous trophy-rig I turned it into.  I wasn’t able to recover anything.

I feel so incredibly violated.  I earned that car.  I paid my taxes on it.  I did it right.  I made that vehicle into something I was proud to own.  And some asshole trashed it.  Some dipshit, who can’t get their life on track…who is devoid of respect….hurt me financially and emotionally.  They probably even made a little scratch off the crap they stripped from the vehicle.  I bet they didn’t get caught either.  The whole experience was a win for them.  I play by the rules, but some people do not….and it’s total bullshit.  I hate the fact that all this does is make me jaded, unsympathetic, and salty.

I hope the people out there who hurt others by stealing & taking…I hope they get theirs.  Karma sure is a bitch…..and if I ever get the chance to ensure a low-life gets what’s coming to him, you better believe I’ll jump at the opportunity.


big thanks to whoever did this

big thanks to whoever did this





to the good times!

to the good times!



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That just STINKS!!!!! It does make me sick that people have no conscience! So sorry you had to go through this! The people who did this will get caught!

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