That’s right folks, LIMP hits it’s 3rd anny this month.  Views are up, content is top-notch (if I do say so myself), and the “Less is More” mantra is truer than ever.  This is post #195 and the site has over 31k views.  The blog has been such a creative outlet for me, and it still feels satisfying to document & share my photos with the masses.  The aim of the blog is still on-point; to inspire viewers to see beauty in everyday, simple things and to get off their butts and seek the beauty that’s just out there waiting for them.  One of the main ideas that’s concreted itself in my psyche over the last few years is just how short, precious, and fleeting life is.  This motivates me to get after it, charge ahead, surround myself with quality peeps, and soak up as many soul-filling moments as possible.  In a way, this blog is proof to myself that I’m living right.  The photos, experiences, and friendships just keep piling up….and I couldn’t be more stoked about it!!  It’s all about gratitude and love!


Back in December, Ryan and I were on a ski lift talking about goals, intention, and follow-through.  For whatever reason(s) we concluded that running a marathon would be a worthy endeavor.  So we put it on the books.  May would be the month; 5 months to train…no excuses.  After considering our race options, we decided to save the the entry fees, escape the race-day hoopla, pass on a medal, and forego the eye-candy of beautiful, female runners trotting around us.  We’d do it ourselves…on our own terms….hell, we’d even brew a beer for the finish line.  And so it was….






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LOVE IT!! Almost cried, I could feel your pain, but the attitude was so up I couldn’t be down!!

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