Whirlwind of a Week

It all started 2 Saturdays ago when I caught a USU game in San Jose w/old buddies…one of which flew his Pilatus into Palo Alto; baller.  Drove 800 miles down I-80 the very next day and made it into Park City at 12:45 AM after escaping Wendover down a mere $70.  Nevada is desolate, beautiful, and has the weirdest gas station attendants ever.  Utah truly feels like home and keeps me grounded.  Grandma made me french toast and waffles, TJ took me 4-wheelin, and got to hang out with all my favorite cousins and friends; 8 families in 6 days.  Made it up to Idaho Falls where my cousin Eli took me on a 16 mile horseback ride into the Tetons followed by a few hours of bear hunting.  Unfortunately, no furry creatures were needlessly murdered that day.  I came out of the week with 2k miles on my car, a soar saddle ass, a few cool pics, and a bunch of renewed friendships.  Everyone gave me such awesome hospitality and made me feel so welcomed.  Big shouts out to the Hatchers, Bellessas, Andersons & Andersons, Paces & Paces, Nielsons, and Sargents….love you guys.

TJ doing his corporate thing

got the Pilatus all chromed out

we came up in the struggle together

Kyler rented a Camaro; an obnoxious awesome camaro

wide open spaces

always great seeing Grandma

My little cousin Isabelle aka Izzy made me push her on the swing for 45 minutes

obsessed with going higher

she was just babbling and saying the funniest things; the kid seriously cracks me up

pretty little eyes; huge personality

storm rollin’ across Morgan, Utah

Wasatch Mountains

Perfect day to bring out the ATV’s

trees on fire

almost winter

up in the canyon

blustery day up in Idaho

my buddy Copper, a Tennessee Walker with an attitude

Eli always takes me on sweet excursions

400 foot drop near Twin Falls, Idaho

long gray ride home

caught the light

recognized this mountain from the way out….much cooler on the way back

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I knew you were full of it to say that you were not sore after that ride, for not riding for years. Find someone to rub out soreness

I loved this post Josh! I laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw Grandma staring down at me! Gotta love that striped sweater of hers. And it sounds like you really had some great catch ups with a lot of people. I’m jealous of your horseback riding and four wheeling rides! Happy you made the time to get away and reunite.

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