See What I Saw in Norway

Here are the best from my 5 days in Norway.  I highly suggest putting it on your list.

cool building for such lousy singing

Monolith in Sculpture Park

over 200 statues depicting all sorts of naked emotion

Oslo station

these fisherman’s cabins were everywhere in Lofoten

Killer view

dried Cod is a huge export

hard to come up with a witty caption for a boat

crazy clouds

ate some whale

…washed it down with this…

…paid for it with this…

…then it went in here.

rainy day


nice paint

taken from a bridge

Lofoten Islands

scary cod

braving the swell

view from the fjord

every house had really nice potted plants

the road to our hotel

not really sure what kind of church this is

wood hull

around every turn was an awesome view


We went on a hike one evening that turned out to be pretty crazy.  The weather was nuts; rain, wind, sunshine, and clouds.  By the end, we were cold, wet, and exhausted; but the scenery was incredible and dynamic.  I snapped all of the following pics on that hike with my point and shoot.  I’m really really happy with a few of them!

rainbow #1


sure footed

looking North

Karen found the end of #3

turquoise below, clouds above

light on the water

the light caught the clouds perfectly

…and I caught the light

sprinklin’ some magic. #4


My favorite shot of the trip. Current desktop.

Here is a link my buddy sent me with a little more info about Lofoten…just in case you feel like planning a trip or something.

After all the time spent in cities, it was refreshing to get outside into such rugged terrain.  I love shooting landscapes much much more than buildings.  I’m completely satisfied with my travels abroad.  It’s good to be back in the states; there really is no place like home.

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Your pictures continue to amaze me! I am really thinking you should have them published or something!

Houck, I think you could publish a book of your photos. I’ll read it (so long as I get a free copy…wink wink). Seriously, though–amazing pics.

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