Toro Trot

WOW….what a week!  The marathon travel day went off without a hitch, and I made it to Barcelona and met up with long time buddy Mike Boos.

Zurich Connection

We had a few hours to kill before our train to Pamplona, so we zipped around Barcelona and saw a few sights.

Those Catholics built cool stuff

a bit drafty

One of the strangest buildings I’ve ever seen.

…talkin’ about a little place called Pamplona

We met up with Jeff Mohr, the mastermind behind our trip.  We ran with the bulls the morning of the 11th and it was NUTS!  We woke up at 0600 and made it to the course by 0700….followed by an hour of nerves, cold sweats, and anxiety.  The firework went off at 0800 sharp; the bulls were released.  Jeff put his Gopro camera on his head and was quickly escorted off the street by the po-po.  Me and Mike were stunned….bu had no time to figure out if we should wait for him or what…..the crowd was coming full steam for us, with the bulls right behind them.  “The Hell with Jeff”…and we bolted around Dead Man’s Corner, narrowly missed a 35-dude pile up, and hugged a wall as the bulls rolled by.  Those things were huge, and their horns are real.  We sprinted into the arena behind the bulls. Some smaller bulls with their horns capped are released into the arena one by one. The crowd taunts them for a while, but…..those little bulls were still intimidating…lots of people got trampled.

faster than a speeding bull

tempting fate

Luckily we found Jeff after the run and exchanged stories.  The adrenaline wore off, so we rolled back to the hotel and slept the entire day; some remarkable foresight.  After out ciestas we took in a bull fight which was quite the experience.  The nappy-naps came in handy.  The festival of San Fermin is crazy.  Everyone parties in the streets, stays up all night, and runs with the bulls at 0800….for 10 days in a row. We had all our wits about us (not really), but me and Mike were only halfway excited to run with Jeff that morning.  Tempting fate twice is questionable judgement.  Thank the Patron Saint we managed to survive again.

best cheap seats ever

fun fact: bulls are colorblind

Mardi Gras….Spanish style

whew…made it

no bueno


Here’s a few from Jeff’s GoPro the second time around.  Blurry….but you get the picture.

man down!

Jeff got way closer than I did

Here’s a link to the 12-07-2012 run.

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I can not wait to hear the stories behind this! Is this video of this years running with bulls? These people and you are just crazy! But this is so cool to say you did it!

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