Southern Hemisphere Hospitality

Random story: about 7 years a group of German travelers (Toni & friends) stopped through Philadelphia and connected with Brian through a website called Couchsurfing.  Brian had to go out of town, so I ended up hosting them for a day or two; we all had a great time.  Come to find out, Toni now lives in Cape Town.  I shot her an email last night out of the blue to see if she cold meet up for drinks or at least give us some recommendations of things to do.   This afternoon, her and her husband Desmond picked us up from the hotel and gave us an awesome tour of the Cape!

our incredible tourguides


Toni and Desmond are photographers and own their own business, so we had tons to talk about!  Desmond has been published in numerous magazines and Toni has a superb eye for engagement and wedding shots.  We were snapping photos and shooting the breeze all afternoon. Here’s a link to their homepage:

the surf was pumping. 20ft waves

taking it all in

the light fell perfectly on this container ship.

view from Signal Hill

these two are always behind the lens, so I tried to get a fun one of them

Signal Hill sits above the city and provides great views in all directions. Here’s a view of it from a distance

Out tourguides invited us back to their place for a little dinner party.  They had some friends over and whipped up a boatload of handmade sushi.  Local beers were downed and the conversation flowed.  They shared photobooks and magazines showcasing their photography; quite impressive.

she’s not even Japanese!


Today was by far the best day of the trip!  Big thanks to DNA and their friends for making us feel so at ease!

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Looks like you finally had some good weather for a nice day with random friends. Good memories. Love the pictures Josh. I am in Minneapolis watching Tennis and going to Tokyo in a few hours. Love you

This seems like a day where at the end of it, you’re lying in bed thinking to yourself “Today is what life is all about.” Colliding with someone you randomly met in the first place (7 years prior) across the world, having a great time with them, and then meeting more people through them. Glad you had this day, and love the shots you took!

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