Silly Safaris

So we went on a super exotic safari today.  It mind as well have been on the freakin’ Serengeti.  We saw all sorts of animals that we had never seen before.  We didn’t know what to call them…so we just called ’em names of animals they reminded us of.



undersized weasels

But then we saw some stuff that we totally recognized.

a tree

a lion….hanging out


Another lion. First he let out a big roar….

…then he mosied on over….

…then he had sex. No big deal.

then we saw a white lion. He didn’t have sex. He just sat there.

Brian narrowly escaped getting clawed to death by an aggressive adolescent

another adolescent attacked my center of mass

we found an animal that could play nice….so we fed him

suckin’ down treats

When the Safari was all said and done, we made off to a local restaurant in a trendy part of town.  Great food…terrible service.  Then we rolled to a bar, grabbed a pint, rolled to another bar and had uno mas. (no mexi)  Decided to call it a night and hopped in cab that was driven by Kenny.  Brian politely asked Kenny to play whatever music he would listen to if we weren’t in the car.  He popped in a cd with all his favorite late 90’s slow jams: Dru Hill, Jagged Edge, Blackstreet, 112, Babyface and the grandaddy of them all…..Keith Sweat.  I knew the words to at least 87% of all songs.  Probably the best cab ride I’ve ever had.

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AMAZING start to the overseas adventures — keep it up! I’m extremely happy for you (read: my hand is super jealous) that you fed a giraffe!!!

It’s the middle of the night…up nursing Claire…Devin is 3 sheets to the wind next me…and I laughed so hard (out loud) as I scrolled down though your lion pictures! That is some real life “in the wild” footage you got there! And you shaved your beard! What inspired that? Oh and I miss 112 and Jagged Edge.

I’m so jealous you got to hangout with those amazing animals! Even more jealous that you got to listen to all the old school jams..Keith sweat!!

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