Takin’ Trips Overseas

Today started my “Let’s Bounce Around the World and See Where I End Up” Trip.  Woke up on Monday morning in LBI….drove to Philly….met up with Brian…hopped on a plane to ATL….and ran into this guy:



douchy lookin’ pilot

Matt was just landing from a Miami turn, so we grabbed a bite and hung out in the terminal until our flight.  He’s been with Delta for 2 years now, and is doing very well for himself.  I’m super proud of him.


Lil Bro rockin’ the coolest hat ever (thick sarcasm)

The good news was that Brian and I both got on the flight to Johannesburg….but the bad news was, Brian got stuck in coach…and he’s 6’8″….poor guy.  I raised my champagne glass in his direction from my business class seat.

ready to hit the road

20 hours after this pic was taken, we made it to the hotel, had a few free beers in the executive lounge, and toasted to being in the Motherland.  We’re not exactly sure how to spend our next week in South Africa….but we have some pretty good ideas.  Hope they pan out!

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Love the new pics Josh, can’t wait to see what crazy adventures you come up with next!!! I love the pic of you and your brother, the bright yellow banana in your hand made me smile and I LOVE your shoes!!

I really like that you have a blog now. I have always liked seeing your pictures on FB, but having so much commentary accompany them now makes me laugh. You’re witty Joshy! And I have never seen Matt in his uniform before…it’s very strange for me…only dad wears that get up.

Great pics again, Buddy. I was at that same park and about got mauled by the lions! So cool you stayed at the same hotel I do down there. Like the Donkey picture.

So good to see the brothers together! It can’t be two years already that Matt has been with delta? Where does the time go? Love u guys!

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