Oregon is Awesome

1500+ miles…..5 consecutive nights sleeping in my car….volcanoes….hippies…elk…huge trees…5 breweries…sunsets…fog…bridges…rivers…jaw-dropping coastline….wild flowers…waterfalls…lighthouses:  Oregon’s got it all.  I covered a lot of ground, discovered towns that I never knew existed, stretched the limits of my personal hygiene, and listened to more country music than I care to admit.  It’s been a phenomenal week.  Time kind of stood still.  The world kept spinning; I kept driving.

Listen to this song while you check out the pics!




they don’t call CA the Golden State for nothing

Bob Ross would call it a…..happy little wildflower

my boy Steve making the magic happen

puttin’ a little gravel in my travel


Ft Bragg, CA has some unique people…and they love shuffleboard…they’re alright by me

I wanted to throw them a beach ball, but the park ranger shot that idea down

you could smell this colony’s feces from a mile a way….no joke

Scrimshaw, North Coast Brewing Co. My favorite beer of the trip…and perhaps the world.

hangin’ on

what a crappy view

the clouds were popping on the last leg of the trip

epicenter of the Rogue Nation

tons of taps

makes driving funner

doesn’t get much prettier

no rocks like these on the Jersey Shore

Newport Bridge. The Rogue taproom sits right beside it.

around every turn in the road was a view like this

Lost Cost Brewery. Great battered Halibut.

my first view of the ocean

lighthouses are everywhere

this was going to be my epic sunset shot…..but the sunset never showed up

try sliding down this guy

bedroom on wheels

Redwood National Park

drove through a freakin’ tree

homeboy sold me some good cherries

air temp – 57F ….. water temp – less than 57F……props to these guys

Bambi’s Father, the King of the Forest
Nope….Bambi was a deer…not an elk, moron

beer makes crappy sunsets awesome

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These made my morning before going to the simulator in 10 minutes. I can just picturre you driving and getting excited about the next picture you were going to take. so many good ones. I like the tree on the hillside, hanging on! Love you buddy.

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