No alarm clocks.  No errands to run.  No commitments.  No deadlines.  No schedule.

No worries.

I got back to Sac on Monday afternoon….dumped out the clothes from my weekend bag and loaded up the car with my sleeping bag, camera gear, and sunflower seeds.  In less than 45 minutes, I was on the road.

Highlights so far ….in no particular order…


Whiskeytown Falls, outside Redding, CA


Lassen Volcanic Nat’l Park


Mt Lassen


Sundial Bridge, Redding, CA


Mt Shasta


Sierra Nevada Taproom, Chico CA


Bug Murdering Bumper


Monarchs on the trail


Crater Lake. Amazingly blue.


A little stream very similar to the one I took a bath in


lots of these guys in the fields of NorCal


Wizard Island


as the sun was setting, I could literally see these plants opening up…pretty cool.

year-round snow

scraggly little pine

Paulina Falls outside Bend, OR

little bursts of yellow

So many beautiful sights so far.  Still have a lot to see.  I’m excited to share!

Out of curiosity, which shot is your favorite?

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I understood your labels, probably because I have been to some of those oregonian spots. Beautiful shade of blue.

Oh wow! You have been all over the parts out there! Did you camp/set up a tent every night, and use your minimal boy scout tricks to survive? 🙂 You are very talented with your camera Josh! I loved: Wizard Island, Mt. Shasta, Lassen Volcanic Nat’l Park (looks like a post card) and bug murdering bumper 🙂

Love the Lassen pic. Great perspective and lighting. And the lakes must have been breathtaking. It was good to see you bro.

These images are amazing! Would you be willing to let the Redding Convention and Visitors share these out over our social networks if I give you credit? Thanks so much for sharing!

They are all great shots, but I’ll pick Wizard Island – perhaps because I liked the sound of it when I did my fun fact research the other day!

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