PTC Pool Party

Little Bro pretty much just made the best decision of his life (besides wifing-up Summer)…..he put in a pool.  London turned 3, so what better time to head down to the Dirty South for a family weekend of splishin’ & splashin’?  The pool turned out amazing…the weather was perfect…and numerous coronas were consumed.  So much fun hangin’ with the fam!

London the Pirate Vocalist

Madi & Scotty stayin’ in the shade

Mama T & London rockin’ shades

endless energy

loungi’ w/Daddy

Perry & Mikey…soon to be married!

pure stoke

Mercer with classic style points

she gets it from her momma

little mermaid type stuff

All The Yoga

So there I was, face down in a puddle of my own sweat with my leg bent awkwardly underneath me.  In tears.  Safe to say, I was getting a lot more than a simple hamstring stretch.

I gotta be honest…yoga is kooky as hell.  All this namaste-nonsense, ohhming, expensive-ass yoga pants, and poses on instagram that scream “LOOK AT ME!”  For the longest time, I knew aspects of yoga where healthy and wholesome, but everything I experienced at local studios and on social media turned me off and undermined its validity.  Then last year, things started to change.  Let me be more clear; my experience and perception changed, and I found myself practicing yoga 2-5 times a week.  I noticed unexpected peripheral benefits started popping up.  Over the winter, my skiing improved drastically and my mental focus during mountaineering was way more locked-on.   Sure, I still made fun of all the yoga-bullshittery I saw everywhere….but something was clicking.

Fast forward a couple months, and I’m about to wrap up a 200 hour yoga teacher certification course.  The best thing about it has been all the new friends I’ve made.  Everyone seems to be looking for the same things:  deeper relationships, self-improvement, a healthier lifestyle, and just an overall boost in happiness.  It’s pretty awesome.  Plus I’m getting bendy as hell.  I can’t quite put my feet behind my head yet, but I’m told that’s not the point.  Guess I still got some learning to do.

We got together, ventured out to the Salt Lake, and I was able to get some fun pics of, you guessed it, yoga poses.  The shoot went so well, another group of yoga peeps wanted to meet up the following week for a 2nd shoot.  It feels so damn good to get a photo of someone doing something they love.  It’s even better when that person sees the shot and gets a sense of how beautiful they truly are.  So now when I see a yoga pose on instagram, I’m way less critical…..(especially if it’s my shot, because I take it as a big old ‘thank you’)


Escalante Excursion Dos

TJ had some time off work, so we bolted down South to poke around in the desert.  Highlights included slot canyons, steaks, Tecates, ribs, waterfalls, and …….time-lapses.

During sunset one evening, TJ grabbed the tripod…pulled out a motorized mount…and affixed his iphone to it.  It was a beautiful scene and the light was hitting the landscape just right.  As I watched TJ set things up, I realized how tricky the time-lapse process was.  There are all sorts of variables at play: the speed of rotation, the duration, the composition, and how level the camera is.  He kept repositioning the tripod, pushing buttons, tweaking the angle, and trying to find the perfect setup.  Throughout the whole process he was excited.  Giddy.  He was lost in his play; engrossed in the moment…and probably a little drunk. In the end, the time-lapse turned out ok…but TJ wasn’t all that stoked on it.  I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere, but I just thought it was cool watching my buddy practice his art.

Time lapse master


supreme focus

peekaboo gulch

I wasn’t brave enough to not use the rope

Spooky canyon

Damn, the Adventure Cardigan never looked so good.

TJ’s time-lapse skills are way better than his backgammon game

casually posing at Calf Creek


Equador: Where Lows Are Highs

The Quito airport sits at just over 9,000 ft, so the moment you get off the plane, your lungs feel it.  Our accommodations varied in elevation; the highest of which was just over 15,000′ and the lowest being around 6,500′: still higher than SLC.  You could say we were high the whole trip.  Stats include: 6 clients, 2 awesome guides, 16 days, 2 acclimatization hikes, 200+ empanadas, countless cervezas, 5 historic Haciendas, 3 volcanoes, and the curveball: 0 summits.

Cayambe, Antisana, and Chimborazo; each mountain refused to let us summit.  We would’ve been stoked to bag all 3 in perfect conditions and share summit high-fives, but instead we faced heavy snow, high avalanche danger, and gaping crevasses.  But with each successive denial, we found ourselves less and less affected.  Our spirits stayed high because we were doing our best.  We found contentment within our effort and peaceful agreement with our guides’ decisions to pull the plug.

I’m pretty damn competitive…and as Ricky Bobby said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”  So it took a bit of mind shift to realize that a failure to summit was nowhere near an overall failure.  My tail was not tucked, my head wasn’t hanging, and I was still stoked!

Beauty and freedom lies in the effort; not necessarily the end result.

“…an artist derives more pleasure from painting than from completing a picture.” -Seneca

Speaking of pictures, here are my best…

smack dab in the middle

Our guide Romulo….Legend Status

first acclimatization hike

killer hat

hike 2: Imbabura

crazy plants

spongy ground cover


our guide Emily. Rarely serious. Always a bad ass.

said goodnight to this….

…and woke up at 11pm to this

downtime entertainment

one of the haciendas

after 7 hours of uphill, first light on Antisana

The Flabongo….Legend Status

a new day dawns on Cotopaxi & Chimborazo in the distance


Ry at 18,200′

sexy lines

steer clear of the void, bros

Ry leads the descent

dodging crevasses

rode some horses. saw some condors

met a local photographer and checked out his archives

He had a house made with hay as the primary insulation

He also had a great dane

got some hats like Romulo’s!!

having a blast on Chimborazo; a couple hundred feet from turning around

the night was kind of a blur

3am….back at the hut. Tired, cold, and strangely happy.


Safe to say we’ll be heading back to Equador; a return trip is already in the works.  We’ll get our summit high-fives.



Hiking With My Bud

The foothills above downtown SLC are kind of a conundrum.  Am I in the mountains?  Am I in the city?  Am I in a freakin park?  Should I ride my bike….or just walk my dog?   For Ryan and me, tonight the answer was to load up our backpacks with 35+ lbs of water bottles and rocks and go for a little training hike of sorts.  Conversation…vistas…movement…sunsets; Wed afternoon on the city side of the Wasatch was awesome….in a simple, everyday kind of way.  Damn, I love living here.

Nearby Yet Far Off

The Great Salt Lake is quickly climbing the ranks of favorite places.  It’s so weird out there.  Stinky.  Dusty. Empty. Vast.  Dynamic.  Every time is different, and even though it’s so close, it feels like you’re on another planet…or at least on the other side of this one.

Back to Back evenings yielded these shots:

Finally got the SUPs out on the salty water

The water is silky



slice of light

the sky was lit

The next evening was out on the salt flats…

salt lines

mad hops

Angie had a shoot….

…then posed for me

My favorite shot of the night


Family Freaking Photography??

I’ve always been drawn to shooting landscapes, ’cause taking pics of people is hard!  Especially families.  I kinda cringe at the thought of clichè poses and cheesy smiles.  But I’ve tagged along on a couple professional photo shoots and have been learning/imitating how to combine light, composition, and camera settings.  It’s been fun playing around…and I’m all jazzed up about improving!


Park City shoot

Antelope Island shoot

Angie the pro nails another shot

Salt Lake shoot w/Lynn and her girls


Then I did a shoot all by myself with the Hatchers! The Great Salt Lake is such an awesome place….

Love these guys!!

Escalante Excursion

Utah’s got slots.  Lot’s of ’em.  Narrow, tight, windy, smooth, slotty little canyons all over the place.  Checked out Peekaboo and Spooky canyons last week.

sharp light
slot bridges

holes in rocks

hole in rock

more holes in rocks

spotsmobile sparkles


steaks 2

ashamed to admit: first time I have ever cooked on an open campfire.

silky slot

silky walls

dipshit yoga

just doing what everyone else does when in nature

The Land Before Time

Hopped in the van and traveled back 149 Million years to Dinosaur National Monument.  Basically a bunch of dinosaurs died in a riverbed and their bodies washed downstream until they created a logjam of bones.  All the fossils are still embedded in the hillside.  It’s quite amazing.  I listened to an audiobook about evolution, which provided an interesting mental backdrop to explore the park.  Ended up camping for 3 nights…solo…the park was empty.  Felt good to get out there and check out a place that seems to be highly underrated.  I tell you what guys, Utah is pretty damn amazing.

these things really existed

colors in the high country

11000 ft campfire

Wasatch Mtns 75 miles away

Utah Moon

The Yampa River.  Camped all the down there by my right elbow.

an old cabin in the middle of nowhere

Van Camp night 2

Steamboat Rock

morning coffee walk

just me and the wildlife

the morning stillness was unforgettable

cottonwoods miiiight be my fav trees

all lit up

down by the river: night 3

alive in a dead way

finally used the fireworks from July 4th

notice the big dipper…such a random, rad shot!


Backyard Action

Little stuff going on in my backyard…..



Big Stuff going on in Utah’s backyard….Canyonlands NP to be exact….

TJ gets super reflective on a cliff

Ry tests out his T4R

sketchball road

the end of Sep 19th

searching for a campsite

rap squats

thumbs up for NPs